Interview with Professor Stefano Cianci the Editor of Edorium Journal of Case Reports and Images in Oncology

Professor Stefano Cianci

Editor of Edorium Journal of Case Reports and Images in Oncology

Stefano Cianci Born in 3, July, 1985

Stefano Cianci is medical director in the division of Gynecologic Oncology at Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Rome.He is an editorial board member and reviewer of various journals.He is a member of AAGL, GESEA, Research group of sexology and study coordinator as well as principal investigator in many studies.He has published more than 50 articles in international journals.He has authored the book titled Prontuario Farmaceutico Ginecologico, Edizioni Minerva Medica.

Professor Stefano Cianci is the Editor of Edorium Journal of Case Reports and Images in Oncology since 2018. In this interview, Professor Stefano Cianci shared his experience, philosophy and advice about being an Editor of a journal and academic publishing.

Edorium Journals: What motivates you to contribute as an Editor-in-Chief/editor of an academic journal?
Stefano Cianci: Personal scientific curriculum, Improvement in personal work experience, Importance of network of scientific community

Edorium Journals: What challenges do you face in your routine work as an editor?
Stefano Cianci: Scientific exchange, Lead editor for special issues

Edorium Journals: Can you describe some qualities of the best journals for which you have contributed as an editor compared to other journals?

Stefano Cianci: I am editor for a journal with a relevant impact factor. The journal promotes special issues regarding my field of work.

Edorium Journals: What changes would you like to see in the current editorial and peer review processes?
Stefano Cianci: Some journals require that the authors are blind for the reviewers. I think that is an important aspect to obtain a better quality assurance.

Edorium Journals: Do you think journals should have a formal induction/training program for editors?
Stefano Cianci: Yes

Edorium Journals: How can journals educate authors in conducting good research and writing good articles?
Stefano Cianci: The instructions for authors are fundamental. They should be clear and easy to understand. The objective of the journal should be underlined specifying the level of paper accepted. Moreover should be clear which type of paper are not relevant for the journal objectives.

Edorium Journals: What advice would you give to authors for writing good articles?
Stefano Cianci: Is important that the data are clear, well exposed and schematic.The article should be flowing and easy to read. The objective and the principal findings should be clear and schematically exposed. The data should be always verified. The literature research is a fundamental part to write a paper.

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