Interview with Dr. Zoka Milan the Editor-in-Chief of Edorium Journal of Anesthesia

Dr. Zoka Milan

Editor-in-Chief of Edorium Journal of Anesthesia

Dr. Zoka Milan

I conducted my first research project over 30 years ago as a fourth-year medical student. My first study was honoured with an award for best student research. It gave me confidence to continue with clinical studies. I enjoyed doing them concurrently with other challenging clinical work.

Apart from research and clinical work, I was involved in teaching, examining, supporting bi-directional exchange, and reviewing.

My most recent research endeavour involves connecting math with medicine by using big databases and finding patterns to prevent unwanted events and improve patient outcomes.

Dr. Zoka Milan is the Editor-in-Chief of Edorium Journal of Anesthesia since  2014. In this interview, Dr. Zoka Milan shared her experience, philosophy and advice about being an editor of a journal and academic publishing.

Edorium Journals: What motivates you to contribute as the Editor-in-Chief/editor of an academic journal?
Dr. Zoka Milan: I always have wanted to create an anesthetic journal that is slightly different from everything currently available on the market. Edorium Journals gave me the opportunity to gradually develop that idea.

Edorium Journals: What challenges do you face in your routine work as an editor?
Dr. Zoka Milan: The current challenge is to attract more authors’ work. Once we join PubMed, our challenges will be different.

Edorium Journals: Can you describe some qualities of the best journals for which you have contributed as an editor compared to other journals?
Dr. Zoka Milan: The best journals that I have contributed to had very clear goals, target audiences, a solid overall vision, and top-notch editorial boards and referees.

Edorium Journals: What changes would you like to see in the current editorial and peer review processes?
Dr. Zoka Milan: I would like to see more transparent communication on the editorial board. Peer review should be valued more, as it requires sufficient expertise and time.

Edorium Journals: Do you think journals should have a formal induction/training program for editors?
Dr. Zoka Milan: Editors usually go through a long-period of research, publishing, and reviewing. Editorial jobs should be filled with those who are ready for the role, and formal training can add even more to the editorial post. The question is who would be in charge of training, and what skills should be added to the editor’s portfolio?

Edorium Journals: How can journals educate the authors in conducting good research and writing good articles?
Dr. Zoka Milan: Journals should inform authors about publication standards and provide solid examples and appropriate and clear reviewing policies, while guaranteeing fairness when accepting journals for publication. Formal training organized by journals also could be beneficial.

Edorium Journals: What advice would you give to the authors for writing good articles?
Dr. Zoka Milan: I would advise authors to have experienced mentors, read often, and cultivate solid research ideas. Once they start their research, they should be honest, transparent, and efficient.

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