No Printing, No Scanning: Edorium Journals Introduces A New Process For Submitting Author Agreement Forms

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Edorium Journals is publisher of open access scientific journals. We strive to provide a holistic service to the scholarly community with our specialty journals, open access publication model, high quality reviews and personalized services. The scope of journals covering medical and surgical specialties and basic sciences makes Edorium Journals a preferred choice for scholars to publish their research.

Authors who publish with Edorium Journals retain the copyright of their articles. The articles are published under the Creative Commons Attribution International Public License which permits unrestricted reproduction with proper citation. Before publication, authors are required to sign an Author Agreement with Edorium Journals, which gives Edorium Journals the right to publish, archive and disseminate the article.

The Author Agreement form is a multiple-page document. In the earlier process while submitting the Author Agreement, authors were required to take a printout of the form, fill it in ink, scan it and then send the scanned document through email to our Editorial Office. This was a cumbersome, time-consuming and lengthy process.

Edorium Journals has simplified the process of submitting the Author Agreements. Now authors will not be required to print the form, fill it in ink, scan it or send an email. The form submission process has been made efficient, easy and completely online, and takes mere minutes to complete. This is another step towards our commitment to innovate in the publishing practices.

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