A Recap of Our Services

Core Services
The core service of Edorium Journals is publishing open access journals in medical and biomedical specialties. To see the complete list of open access journals published by Edorium Journals please click here. Manuscript submitted to journals published by Edorium Journals group are reviewed and accepted for publication based on the quality of work. The steps of academic journal publishing are:

Manuscript pre-processing (content check, technical check, plagiarism check)
Editorial review (three times)
Peer review (anonymous, double blind)
Manuscript formatting (as per journal requirements)
Article publishing (PDF and HTML; ePUB will be started soon)

Value added services
Edorium Journals provides additional services during manuscript processing which enhance the quality of every published article. These services are provided free of charge. The services are:

Copy editing (major or minor)
Image editing
Reference formatting (in Vancouver style)
Reference linking to original source
Including information about the authors in every manuscript

Service Guarantee (First in the World)
Edorium Journals is the only publisher in the world to give a unique service guarantee with every manuscript submitted to us for publication. We are pleased to state that from the time this program was started till today, we have a success rate of 99.3% success rate in giving this guarantee.

Academic Programs
Edorium Journals has introduced a very unique academic program. The program is another step towards our commitment to be is an interactive forum and a means of collaboration for researchers and institutions in all countries.

The Mentored Review Article (MRA) program enables students – Undergraduate/Postgraduate/Fellows/PhD’s/Postdoctoral – from any country, to be mentored by the distinguished faculty which comprises the Editorial Boards of journals published by Edorium Journals group.

Membership programs
Edorium Journals has very attractive membership programs for authors and institutes. These programs help authors publish their articles in Edorium Journals with minimum worry about publication charges.

Most Favored Author Program: Most Favored Author program enables you to publish any number of articles free of charge in any journal published by Edorium Journals from one to five years. Our “Most Favored Author” program is a way of showing our appreciation to the authors for believing in us, our goals and our future vision.

Favored Author Program: When you register with our Favored Author Program, you will receive great benefits and waivers. Registration for favored Author Program is free and you do not have to pay any charges. Based on the number of manuscripts you plan to submit for publication you can select any one of the two options. Both options will give you great savings.

Institutional Membership Program: Authors from institutes enrolling for the Institutional Membership Program can publish articles at very nominal fees. Authors will get full or part waiver of publication charges based on the option selected by the member institute at the time of enrolling for the program.

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