Interview with Dr. Nithin Sunku The Editor of Edorium Journal of Case Reports and Images in Orthopedics and Rheumatology

Dr. Nithin Sunku

Editor of Edorium Journal of Case Reports and Images in Orthopedics and Rheumatology

Dr. Nithin Sunku

Dr. Nithin Sunku is a well-known Consultant Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement surgeon. He has done his specialization from prestigious institution Mysore Medical College and research institute. After that has  worked  in  various  positions  in  different  government and  corporate  hospitals  as  In-  charge  of  Emergency  medicine  department, Vice  chairman  of  Waste  management  committee.  He is presently a consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Global Hospital & Research Centre, Mount Abu and with its unit Trauma Centre at Rajasthan. He has performed hundreds of hip and knee joint replacement surgeries. His Special interest is in treating bone tumors and reconstructive surgeries.  He  also  worked  as  consultant  surgeon  to the  Military  and  paramilitary  training  academy.  He is a Life Member in Indian Orthopaedic Association (IOA), Karnataka Orthopaedic Association (KOA) and International Society for Knowledge for Surgeons on Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty (ISKSAA). Associate Member of SICOT (BELGIUM). He has many publications to his name and is Editor & board member of International journals published from USA, UK, Spain, France and India. Also an honorary reviewer in many renowned international journals. His academic teachings have been highly appreciated at various levels. Teaching the undergraduate & Postgraduate students of medicine, physiotherapy, nursing and allied branches. Also is faculty of sports medicine in Institute of Sports Science Technology (ISST).

Dr. Nithin Sunku  is the Editor of Edorium Journal of Case Reports and Images in Orthopedics and Rheumatology since 2017. In this interview, Dr. Nithin Sunku shared his experience, philosophy and advice about being an Editor of a journal and academic publishing.

Edorium Journals: What motivates you to contribute as an Editor-in-Chief/editor of an academic journal?
Dr. Nithin Sunku: Today there are many journals but the quality of article which would be a turnaround factor for the clinical practice are less. These need to be identified and published, this was main motivating factor.
As an editor few things I would have in mind are how impactful would be the journal on aspects of academics, any new and proven scientific management of the disease and to inspire the new researchers to conduct more studies and get scientific results which would be giving direction to new management techniques.

Edorium Journals: What challenges do you face in your routine work as an editor?
Dr. Nithin Sunku:  Few challenges I faced as an editor are to get good reviewers. Reviewers are actually who work in background to sort and give critical points to modify and do revisions in article.

Another point is to get research articles from top class universities and well known authors. Because most of them look for PubMed or similar indexed journals. To get them on board to submit article to our journal was daunting task.

Edorium Journals: Can you describe some qualities of the best journals for which you have contributed as an editor compared to other journals?

Dr. Nithin Sunku: Having been an editor for journals being published from USA, UK, India and other countries I have noticed in the last few years they have been shifted to common guidelines of submission format.
Online submission, proper size and clarity of images, proper tables, online plagiarism check, and similar articles check by online, verification of references. This process is given to reviewers which helps them to give better critical opinions. These are some qualities of best journal.

Edorium Journals: What changes would you like to see in the current editorial and peer review processes?
Dr. Nithin Sunku: Some changes are like to make sub specialty editions. Editorial should focus on current updates.Peer review process needs to be time bound, with more detailed support materials.

Edorium Journals: Do you think journals should have a formal induction/training program for editors?
Dr. Nithin Sunku: There should be online training program and yearly meet for the editors. Induction of editors should be based on academic credentials.

Edorium Journals: How can journals educate authors in conducting good research and writing good articles?
Dr. Nithin Sunku: Journals can make a list of eminent authors and send them few potential areas where they can conduct trials or studies and bring out good results. Also they can provide regular inputs on writing skills and documentation of research.

Edorium Journals: What advice would you give to authors for writing good articles?
Dr. Nithin Sunku: Authors should have proper knowledge of the topic they would like to write. Read previous similar research and properly highlight the changes they have done in their research. Read completely the references they quote in article. Make proper tables and take high quality images. Language should be clear and to the point.

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