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More than any other technology, access to the world’s information has been revolutionized by internet, putting everything from books to news, at the fingertips of anyone who has an online connection anywhere on the planet. One of the most remarkable aspects of the story of the web’s evolution is open access.

The online outputs that are free of restrictions on its access and use are referred to as open access. Open access can be applied to all forms of published research output, including peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed academic articles, conference papers, theses, book chapters, monographs and audio-visual media. Its initial concept refers to an unrestricted online access to research published primarily in scholarly journals.

The open access journal publication is a viable model, as has been shown by many publishers, both big and small including us. It focuses on all providing frees access to all academic publications, without any subscription fees, while using other cost-recovery methods, like, publication charges, charging subscriptions only for the print editions, subsidies, or with the online edition gratis or “free to read”. This frees the access and dissemination of information from the walls of subscription model of business.

As the drumbeat of open access continues to get louder, there is a fierce ongoing debate over the future of how research publication and circulation. In parallel, as the trend towards open access expands to data sharing and replication, the pressure to change the traditional methods of publishing will soon reach a breaking point where changes will become inevitable. It will be fascination to see the future changes and be part of the process.

This CEO’s blog has been started by me, to communicate with fellow publishers, the publishing industry and the outside world, in particular the research scholars.

Since 2012, Edorium Journals have strived to give every author an avenue to publish their work in high quality open access journals in medical and biomedical disciplines. We have experienced and implemented enormous change and I want to share with you our experiences, views, thoughts, concepts and updates on open access publishing. In addition to this, we will also write about the challenges and key issues that we face in striving to constantly improve standards of the scholarly work as well as challenges in making scholars embrace open access universally and discuss the future perspectives of this emerging revolutionizing world.

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