World’s First Series Of Open Access Peer Reviewed Scientific Video Journals

Open Access Video Journals
Next Generation of Open Access Journals
Open access journal publish peer reviewed manuscripts. The articles published in these academic open access journals are accompanied by figures, graphs and charts. Some journals sporadically publish videos submitted by authors as part of the manuscripts.

As of today, there is no comprehensive series of open access journals for authors in which they can showcase their research by publishing videos as an integral part of their manuscript. Videos provide a much more visual presentation of ideas than using just images. It is an undeniable fact that videos can greatly enhance the understanding and comprehension of the methods and results of a paper.

The Video Journals – A new era in scientific publishing

Edorium Journals has launched the world’s first series of open access video journals. These open access journals are peer reviewed, scientific journals accepting videos along with written manuscript.

We hope that these opena access video journals will usher a new phase in scholarly publishing in which authors will regularly include videos as part of their scientific papers. This will help the authors in expressing their ideas more easily and enable the readers to easily grasp even the most complicated and intricate ideas through videos.

Edorium video journals on YouTube

List of open access, peer reviewed, video journals

List of open access, peer reviewed, video journals

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