Women Need More Supplements Than Just Multi-Vitamins

Most women have a healthy active lifestyle with a lot of household chores, a full-time career and an engaging social life. So, some extras other than just the daily multi-vitamin dosage, is needed to keep women in top shape. These include-

1. Calcium: Calcium is required to keep your bones healthy, and to prevent osteoporosis. So, take two 500 mg calcium tablets every day. Make sure that the supplement includes both calcium and vitamin-D so that the calcium is effectively used in your body. Also include adequate dairy products in your diet.

2. Iron: You should take iron supplements, particularly if your hemoglobin levels are low. Pregnant women should take 30 mg and the rest 15 mg iron per day. Also include green leafy vegetables or red meat in your diet.

3. Fish Oil: Fish oils supplements contain omega 3 fatty acids. These help you stay healthy, enhance brain functioning, improve your hair and skin, resist sugar fluctuations, reduce premature aging signs, and aid in weight loss. You should take a daily dose of 2 to 3 grams of fish oils. Also include olive oil, walnuts, oily fish, and flaxseed in your diet.

4. Protein Powder: Contradictory to the wide belief that whey protein promotes weight gain, these boost your body’s metabolism, and keeps your body fuelled throughout the day. So, include whey protein in your shakes, oatmeal, yogurt or porridge every day.

5. Zinc: Zinc supplements help keep away lethargic feeling, terrible mood swings, allergies and infections. These also improve your physical and emotional health. Take 15 mg zinc supplement daily. You should also include zinc rich foods in your daily diet.

6. Folic Acid: Women who are in their child-bearing age, are pregnant, or trying to have a baby should take folic acid supplements. This will prevent hypertension in the mother and birth defects in the baby.

These supplements help you keep healthy, remember that these cannot replace a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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