Ten Symptoms Exhibited by Depression Patients

Depression is a severe medical illness. WHO says that 350 million people worldwide are affected by it. Since ups and downs in mood are a part of our life, many do not know what qualifies as clinical depression. Here are 10 symptoms to help you recognize this condition.

1.  Depressive Mood: Major depression is characterized by persistent emotional distress, extreme blankness and intense sadness. However, these may be covered by that person’s laughter and lively conversation.

Depressive Mood

2.  Anxiety: Some 70% of depression cases experience anxiety, which may be from recent events or from childhood.


3.  Anhedonia: the Loss of Interest in Activities Previously Enjoyed: Over time, depression patients feel the inability to sustain good feelings. This is exhibited as negative feelings towards self and others, and social withdrawal.


4.  Loss of Energy or Fatigue: Chronic fatigue which is not relieved by taking rest is common among depression patients. Performing even basic tasks like walking may be exhausting.

Loss of Energy or Fatigue

5.  Excessive Guilt or Feelings of Worthlessness: Depression patients often are found with self-blaming emotions. They also exhibit contempt/self-disgust, which is followed by shame.

Excessive Guilt or Feelings of Worthlessness

6.  Sleep Disturbance: Depression patients experience sleep disorders including insomnia and hypersomnia.

Sleep Disturbance

7.  Neurocognitive Dysfunction: Patients with depression also experience neurocognitive dysfunction, which is the difficulty in remembering, concentrating, or making decisions.

Neurocognitive Dysfunction

8.  Change in Body Weight and Appetite: Lowered appetite and weight loss are common symptoms of depression. However, some may even experience increased appetite and weight gain.

Change in Body Weight and Appetite

9.  Psychomotor Disturbances: Depression patients often experience purposeless or unintentional restlessness, retardation and irritability.

10.  Suicidal Thoughts or Thoughts of Death: Recurrent suicidal ideation and recurrent thoughts of death are often common symptoms exhibited by depressed patients. The individual has negative expectations of future, is filled with hopelessness, thinks that life is not worth living, and considers that his or her beloved ones would be better off if he or she were dead.

If you are your loved one is experiencing a few or all of the above mentioned symptoms, it is advised that you take immediate professional help.

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