Surprising Reasons That Increase Your Chance of Acquiring Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a virus that infects the liver to cause liver disease and other critical complications. There are several lesser known reasons you are at the risk of this infection. These are discussed below.

1. Being a baby boomer – Because you chances of hepatitis C infection before the virus’ identification is high.

2. Having received a blood transfusion before July 1992 – For, until then, blood donors weren’t systematically screened for hepatitis C.

3. Having had an organ transplant before July 1992 – For, until then, donor organs weren’t screened for hepatitis C.

4. Having used a medication derived from blood products before 1987 – Because, at that time, less advanced ways of manufacturing these products were used.

5. Having worked in a healthcare setting – For, you chances of acquiring the virus through a needle stick injury is high.

6. Having served in the military – Because, chronic hepatitis C is twice to thrice more common among military people than in the general population.

7. Having snorted a drug, even at least once – For, the virus is found in the nasal passage and in straws inserted in the nose; and the damage and bleeding caused to mucosal membranes gives virus an entry into the blood.

8. Having had unprotected sex with multiple partners – For, this increases your chances of coming in contact with a hepatitis C affected individual.

9. Having received an unregulated piercing or tattoo – The risk of infection is higher with DIY tattoos than with licensed, commercial tattooing facilities.

10. Having shared personal hygiene products with others – Because the chances of these products being contaminated
is higher.

If you fall in one or more of the above mentioned categories, get yourself screened for hepatitis C virus. In case the results are positive, get treated immediately.

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