Study Finds That Hot Water Bath can Burn Calories Like Exercise

A small study by scientists at Loughborough University in the UK has discovered that men who took a long hot water bath for one hour burnt as many calories (some 140) as they had walked briskly for 30 minutes.

Though this study has its own limitations such as the involvement of only very few participants (only 14 men) and the hot water in the tub would have cooled down during the bath, this kind of passive heating has many benefits which are discussed below-

• Decrease inflammation (possibly due to relaxation that calms the brain)

• Lower blood sugar (due to increase in heat shock proteins)

• Lower blood pressure (possibly due to increase in the body’s nitric oxide levels)

• Improve sleep (because of the relaxation that hot water both offers)

• Live longer (possibly because of its mind- and body- healing properties)

• Lower the chances of stroke and heart attack

• Clean your skin

• Prevent stroke and heart attack

• Reduce headaches

• Strong brain functioning

• Build stronger muscles

• Helps you feel good about yourself

• Boosts your brain and nerve health

• Balances your hormones

• Improve gastrointestinal health

• Maintain a healthy body weight

• Lower cholesterol and blood pressure

• Lower the chances of certain cancers like uterine, colon, breast, and lung cancers

• Reduce sugar levels in blood and prevent type 2 diabetes

• Strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis

• Improve urinary tract health

• Prevent and treat depression

So, take a long hot bath whenever possible to enjoy the above mentioned benefits. However, do not substitute it for exercise. Regular exercising can keep your body, soul and mind healthy. If possible, go for a relaxing soak after your daily exercise session so that you become doubly healthy!

However, do not involve in hot water baths if you are pregnant. And, consult a doctor in this regard if you have any cardiovascular problem.

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