How to Remain Healthy During the Holidays?

Holidays are times of celebration and fun. Yet these can take a toll on one’s emotional and physical health if proper care is not taken. Here are eight useful tips from Leana Wen, M.D., the Health Commissioner of Baltimore City, who is also an Emergency Physician, for staying healthy while having fun during the holiday season.

1.Know what to eat

Holidays present you with treats that are high in calorie and low in nutrition. It is definitely tempting to indulge in those, but remind yourself to do so in moderation. Rather than going for one big buffet, opt for smaller meals at intervals. And while at home, take healthy food packed with nutrition, and while visiting others, take along a healthy dish to share. Avoid liquid calories, including alcoholic beverages.

2.Keep Active

Remember that exercise is important during the holiday season too. Get involved in some sort of aerobic exercise every day. The holiday season is ideal for leisurely outdoor exercises such as swimming, cycling, jogging, running and walking. Further, the winter holidays can offer additional fun as you can involve in snow sprints, sledding, ice skating, etc. These workout periods can also be used as a quality bonding time with your loved ones.

3.Take Disease- and Injury- Preventive Measures

Winter holidays can also be seasons of cold and flu. Regular hand washing can help prevent these. Encourage your loved ones too to do this. Also, dress in layers to keep yourself warm. Holiday times can pose increased injury risk to elderly and young ones. So, prevent injuries by assisting the former and keeping a watch on the young ones.

4.Ensure the safety of your heating system

Winters can be time when residential fires can occur. So, never leave candles, stoves and fireplaces unattended. Further, ensure that your heating system operates safely, without emitting carbon monoxide- a toxic gas. Have a carbon monoxide detector installed, and test it once every month. Avoid running your car for a longer time inside the garage, and don’t place generators and grills inside your house.

5.Ensure Safe Journey

Take precautions during journeys, no matter long or short. Take enough time to drive, be patient with the huge holiday traffic. Avoid drinking and driving. And, before you begin a journey, heed warnings pertaining to extreme weather. During long journeys, have your medicine and your doctor’s contact handy. Call a doctor when you experience a medical problem.


Holidays can also be stressful, especially for those who are working simultaneously. Managing work along with family and other such commitments can pressurize you. Even for those who are on leave from work, there will be interpersonal stress related to conflicts and financial stress related to gift-buying. Try to expect sources of stress and come up with a plan to manipulate them. For instance, you can avoid committing to an overwhelming number of get-togethers or setting a big budget. Avoid feeling guilty as it is important to take care of yourself before taking care of others.

7.Help out

There is a trend of increasing depression and suicides during the holiday seasons. So, take up the role of watching for signs of depression among your loved ones and supporting those in need. Invite your lonely friends and colleagues to stay with you during the holidays. Volunteer and give charity to less fortunate people.

8.Treat yourself

Keep in mind that you are important. So, let not the holiday spirit take a toll on you. Treat yourself to something like a longer sleep, a head massage, a day at the spa, reading a book, or a meal at the restaurant – anything that makes you happy.
Hope you will use these tips to keep you healthy and happy during your upcoming holidays!

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