Open Access

Open access publishing uses a publication model where users (readers, libraries, institutions, organizations) are not charged for accessing the compete content of articles or other resources published by individual journals or journal publishers.

Authors are the final copyright owners of their work published in open access journals. Users are free to read, download, print, copy, re-distribute, search or link to the full texts of these articles.

Open access publishing leads to wider, unrestricted dissemination of information. Any researcher interested in your work can read it, which translates into increased usage and further development of your work. This increases the impact of your work.

You also benefit from work of other researchers published under open access. You are free to download and read their work without paying any charges to purchase the articles and this provides you with the latest, peer-reviewed scientific information – a true unrestricted exchange of ideas and scientific knowledge.

Open Access is a true un-restricted exchange of ideas and science.

We ask you to support open access and help us in creating an easily accessible, global corpus of scientific knowledge which can be shared, used, re-used, combined, built upon, and expanded for the betterment of our world.

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