Keep Your Immune System Strong with Sixteen Super Foods

To keep immune system strong you need to rightly feed your body. This will prevent you from catching flu and cold in this winter season. Here are 16 powerful immune boosters with surprising nutrients that you should include in your meals.

Elderberry: This old folk remedy is packed with loads of antioxidants. It also is known to help fight inflammation. Research says that these berries may block flu viruses. However, more study is required in this regard, says scientists.

Button Mushrooms: These contain B vitamins (riboflavin and niacin) and selenium. These B vitamins helps in keeping your immune system healthy. And if you have low selenium levels, your flu attack may be severe. So, feed on these this winter season.

Acai Berry: These berries have loads of anthocyanins. These are antioxidants that help you lead a healthy life. So, drink acai berry smoothies, juices, or dried fruits.

Oysters: These contain good amount of zinc, which helps fight viruses by activating WBCs (white blood cells) which are involved in the immune response. It also helps your immune system in wound healing.

Watermelon: Ripe watermelons have loads of glutathione, which is an antioxidant. This antioxidant helps the immune system in fighting infection. The red pulpy flesh near the rind of watermelons contains good quantities of glutathione.

Wheat Germ: Wheat germ is rich in nutrients such as antioxidants, B vitamins and zinc. You can also get a good mix of healthy fat, protein and fiber by consuming wheat germ.

Low-Fat Yogurt: Yogurt contain probiotic bacteria which may ease the severity of colds. Ensure that the label of your yogurt reads “live and active cultures.” Added vitamin D is a plus.

Spinach: Spinach is loaded with nutrients such as folate, vitamin C, fiber, etc. Folate is involved in DNA repair and new cells creation. These nutrients may get destroyed while cooking, so eat try to eat these raw or lightly cooked.

Tea: Green, white or black, tea has immune-boosting properties. Each of these are loaded with flavonoids and polyphenols which help in disease-fighting. These find the cell-damage causing free radicals and destroy them. Both caffeinated and decaffeinated tea have this property.

Sweet Potato: Sweet potatoes contain good amounts of beta-carotene. These transform into vitamin A inside your body and destroys the damaging free radicals. This strengthens the immune system and decelerates aging.

Broccoli: Broccoli contains loads of nutrients like glutathione, vitamin C and vitamin A which helps prevent damage in your body.

Garlic: Raw garlic has the potential to fight fungi, viruses and bacteria, which help fight skin infections. However, remember that garlic powder doesn’t work.

Miso: Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning, which is a salty paste of fermented soybeans. It can be added is soups and sauces. Its probiotic property boosts your immune system to help fight issues such as diarrhea.

Chicken Soup: Homemade chicken soup contains a chemical known as carnosine. This safeguards your system from the flu virus. You can even go for store-bought soups to enjoy this immune boost up.

Pomegranate Juice: Ancient Egyptians used pomegranate to treat infections. Pomegranate Juice assists your body in fighting bacteria and different kinds of viruses.

Ginger: Ginger contains lots of antioxidants. You can add fresh ginger to soups, curries and tea. We don’t recommend ginger supplements as antioxidants these won’t work as well as those received straight from vegetables and fruits.

Now that you know sixteen different immune boosting super foods, include these this winter season and beyond to have a strong body, resistant to infections and diseases.

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