Facts You Need To Know About Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation offers a permanent solution for hair loss which affects millions of people around the globe every year. Here are seven hair transplantation facts that you should know.

Hair Transplantation

1. Hair Transplant Procedures are of two types viz., FUT (follicular unit transplantation) and FUE (follicular unit extraction). The former involves cutting a scalp strip from the back of the head, and dissecting it into several grafts. In the latter, a specialized machine is used to take follicular grafts one by one from the back of the head. In both the procedures, the hair follicles taken from the donor site are implanted at the recipient site.

Hair Transplantation

2. As opposed to the common belief that hair transplantation is only men, it is for both the sexes.

3. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, and hence should be performed by a well-trained surgeon only.

4. Hair transplantation offers a permanent solution to hair loss as the transplanted hairs grow like your other natural strands of hair.

5. Hair transplantation needs aftercare. After going for it, you would need to avoid rigorous workouts, spicy foods, liquor intake, smoking, swimming, sun exposure, etc.; and regularly consume the anti-inflammatory or antibiotic drugs prescribed by your surgeon.

6. Occasional complications can arise from hair transplantation. You may experience postoperative complications in the recipient or donor site. There may be some bleeding during the procedure which can be easily stopped. And, after the procedure, there may be itchiness of the scalp, particularly during sweating.

7. Hair transplantation is not for everyone. Those suffering from hair loss due to medication or chemotherapy, those thick fibrous scars called keloid scars, those who don’t have sufficient hairs on the back of their head; and females with widespread hair loss pattern throughout are not fit for hair transplantation procedure.

Hair transplantation can offer a permanent solution to your hair loss, and boost your confidence levels. People who fit and need one can go for it!

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