Edorium Journals and Portico: Preserving Digital Content for the Future

Edorium Journals publishes many high quality bio-medical journals in electronic format. These journals are available in multiple electronic formats. Although reprints of articles can be ordered, the journals do not have a formal print version.

When Edorium Journals was started, a policy for digital content preservation was formulated. The policy is reviewed and revised at regular intervals. The policy consists of self-archiving of the published articles by Edorium Journals and archiving of the articles by professional digital preservation services.

Portico is a digital preservation service provided by ITHAKA. Portico is one of the world’s leading digital content preservation service. Recently Edorium Journals has entered into a contract with ITHAKA to use Portico for preserving electronic versions of published articles. All the articles published by Edorium Journals will be deposited with Portico and will be perpetually available to scholars in future.

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