Adverse Effects of Sleep Deprivation in Kids, and Ways to Help Your Kids Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep is a vital factor for good health. Sleep deprivation can cause serious concerns in adults, adolescents and children. The risk is higher for adolescents and children, as at this age proper sleep is important for their optimal growth and development. However, a recent research found that most middle and high scholars are significantly sleep deprived.

Health effects of sleep deprivation in adolescents and children:

1. Depression
2. Diabetes
3. Obesity
4. Hypertension
5. Behavior and attention problems
6. Poor academic performance
7. Motor vehicle crashes
8. Alcohol and drug abuse
9. Suicide attempts

Sleep needs of kids and teens

Studies have found that children in the age group of six to twelve years should sleep for nine to twelve hours a day; and this duration is eight to ten hours for the 13 to 18 years age group.

Ways in which parents can help their kids get enough sleep

  • Get them to receive adequate sun exposure during the day to help entrain their circadian rhythms.
    Switch to dimmer lights to light your home in the evening.
  • Avoid late night dinner as it may be difficult for your child to fall asleep with a full stomach.
  • Set bedtimes for your children to increase their sleep duration and improve their daytime functioning.
  • Using technology in the evening is linked with shorter sleep duration and poor quality sleep. So, make the bedroom device-free, quiet, dark and cool zone.
  • Limit their caffeine intake as it could interfere with their brain maturation and sleep.
  • Explain to them the importance of healthy sleep practices, and the connection between sleep and their health.
  • Display good sleeping habits so that they get reflected in your children’s lives too.

Ensure the success and good health of your child by promoting good sleeping habits in them.

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