10 Myths Surrounding the Intake of Tea Debunked

Though tea is a healthy drink, numerous myths surrounding its intake exist. Ten of those are busted below.

Myth 1: Black Tea with no Additives Should be Taken for Best Health Benefits- No, additives do not alter the antioxidant level in your tea. So, you can add milk, honey or lime to it.

Myth 2: Herbal Tea is Best for Combating Anxiety- Yes. But, herbal tea is not tea at all. For, these are infusions of fruit extracts, flower and barks of medicinal plants and trees.

Myth 3: Peppermint Tea Helps Combat Stomach Problems– Not always. If you suffer from gastrointestinal reflux disease, a better choice would be Indian ginger tea.

Myth 4: Since Tea is Dried Leaves, It has Unlimited Shelf  Life-  No, just like all other packaged food products, tea too has a shell life. It will taste good only for 6-8 months or even lesser.

Myth 5: Teabags do not Make Good Tea- No. If the tea they contain is good, you use fresh water for brewing, and ensure perfect steeping time, you can get perfectly brewed tea with tea bags.

Myth 6: Drinking Tea Completely Combats Free Radicals- Simply drinking tea is not enough to fights free radicals. You need to take a balanced diet and workout regularly.

Myth 7: Only Green Tea is Rich in Antioxidants- No. All teas arrive from the same source. The difference in them is brought about by their processing methodology. So, each variety comes with a healthy dose of antioxidants.

Myth 9: You Can Avoid Caffeine by Drinking Green or White Tea–  Black tea is bereft of caffeine, but not green or white tea.

Myth 10: Those with Mould Allergies Should Avoid Tea–  No, though tea processing involves fermentation, it also involves high temperature. This kills every fungi present. So, people with mould allergies can safely take tea.

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